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Welcome to My Family Explorer!
Nationwide Internet Dialup Access

My Family Explorer provides low priced, nationwide dialup Internet access with over 10,000 local dialup numbers nationwide. For only $9.95 you can access the internet with a dependable, premium connection. When you travel, you can also take your internet connection with you.

We offer premium dialup access at a great price compared to other Internet service providers. Why pay more for your internet access when you can get it from My Family Explorer for only $9.95 per month!

Premium Internet Service
Unlimited Access
Free 24/7 Phone Support
Reliable Connections
Internet Messenger Compatible
Nationwide Access
Only $9.95 per month
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...Web Accelerator
Surf up to 5X faster
Add to Any Existing Service
Free Pop-Up Blocker
Fully Configurable
2 minute download
Only $5 per month!
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We have over 10,000 dialup numbers across the USA to serve you. Type in Area Code or State below and then click the "Find" button.
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